Throw a Virtual Party to Visit With Friends During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Woman on skype with her friends during the COVID-19 virus pandemic

COVID-19 has forced you to shelter in place at your home. After a few long weeks of social distancing, you miss your friends and crave a get-together. How do you have a party when no one can come to your home to indulge in an evening of fun? In the modern world, you're surrounded by technology that makes it easy to visit friends without meeting in person. Here are a few fun ways to hang out with your friends while remaining in quarantine.

Virtual Game Night

Arrange a game night with your friends. You and your friends probably get together a couple of nights a month to play games. With sheltering in place, you're missing the chance to hang out together for a few hours.

You can arrange a date and time for your game night party. It's a good idea to send around a list of snacks to serve at your party. This way everyone can enjoy the same foods.

There are several websites that allow you to virtually play their games, and many offer the games for free. and JackBox Games provide online games that everyone can play from their different locations.

You can use one of the many video conferencing services to chit chat while you play and eat. It's up to you how many people you want to invite. You can limit it to a couple of close friends or a larger group.

Virtual Book Club

You've kept up with your reading, but you miss discussing the book with your friends or local book club. Using video conferencing software, such as Zoom, you can continue to enjoy a book club once a month. This includes during this period of quarantine.

You can send out email invites that include a date and time for the video conference call. You want to include the date, time, video conferencing software, and book to be discussed.

Another thing to include is the types of snacks and drinks you'd prepare if everyone was coming to your home. The others can prepare their own snacks to mirror yours. Everyone can conference into the club meeting and enjoy discussing the book.

Pajama Party

Missing time with the girls. Your next girl's night out during the quarantine can be a pajama party in. Using Zoom or another conferencing program, you can visit with all your friends at once.

Everyone can don their favorite pajamas and mix up a batch of mimosas. You can do face masks or pedicures. It's a great chance to catch up and gossip about your lives without risking your health.

Virtual Day at the Beach

Invite all your friends for a virtual day at the beach. Depending on the weather, you can create your beach in the living room or backyard. Order a new swimsuit online before the party to make it more special.

You can bring your lawn chairs out and toss a beach towel on it. Spread some sunscreen on to get the smell you associate with the beach. If the weather is good, you can fill up your kid's splash pool to let them play.

You can fill an ice chest with your favorite beach snacks or mix up a blender full of pina colada or margaritas.

You can play beach music in the background and catch up with your friends. They can create their own day at the beach and join you through a video conference call

Social distancing and sheltering in place doesn't need to be as isolating as it has been. With a little creativity, you can throw a virtual party with your friends. Everyone can attend through video conferencing and enjoy time together.